28 July 2015 11:57 Hepatitis in Russia: the required treatment standards and register patients. World day against hepatitis (World Hepatitis Day) is celebrated on July 28 every year. In 2015 motto Warn hepatitis. Proceed without delay. What hepatitis is, how the disease is transmitted, how to live and how to achieve it.

Russian medications cheaper overseas. 12:21 / on 28.07.2015 of Zdorovetzki for domestic drugs for the treatment of hepatitis is seven times lower than foreign counterparts, told in the Ministry of health of the Moscow region. In this case the properties our medicines are not inferior to foreign ones.

July 28 – world day against hepatitis. Every year on 28 July, the world health organization and partners mark world day against hepatitis (World Hepatitis Day). The date was chosen in honor of born on this day, the Nobel laureate Professor Baruch Samuel Blumberg, who discovered.

Stop hepatitis: everything you need to know about one of the biggest diseases of our century. Every year on July 28 marks world day to combat viral hepatitis. The day before we decided to remind about this global problem and the most serious viral disease of nature — hepatitis C, which is called the silent killer. Nickname illness.

Ukraine will start the campaign on identification of hepatitis C among servicemen involved in the ATO. The risk to become infected with hepatitis b ten times higher than HIV, and it is usually diagnosed at the stage of cirrhosis or liver cancer. REUTERS. Ukraine will start the screening campaign to identify hepatitis C among soldiers participating in the ATO. As transfers.

Today in Dnepropetrovsk will be free screenings for hepatitis. Today in the center of Dnepropetrovsk will work in a mobile laboratory. Everyone will be able to undergo free screening for hepatitis and HIV. The result is an instant, according to the Department of health the RSA. The action devoted to the world day against S.

3 million Ukrainians are living with the hepatitis C virus, the who. According to the world health organization (who) to Ukraine of up to 8% of the population is living with hepatitis C. this was during the briefing said the Director of policy and partnership of the International Alliance on HIV / AIDS in Ukraine Pavlo Skala. According to who, the virus.

The soldiers in the ATO faces a terrible viral disease. Today, July 28, launched the first large-scale campaign of testing for hepatitis C virus among soldiers fighting in the ATO. This was announced by the International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine. As noted in the organization, due to the significant number of wounded I.

In the suburbs has decreased the incidence of hepatitis. July 28 — world day against hepatitis. Suburban physicians summarized the results of the new system for the prevention and treatment of this disease. Its main component was hematological center, Moscow regional research clinical.

Viral hepatitis b — a dreadful disease that can be forgotten?. According to statistics in the Russian Federation there are about 3 million people infected with hepatitis b virus, and not less than 5 million patients with chronic hepatitis C. however, In the world one in twelve people are affected by these viruses. But epidemiologists are concerned — there has been.

The international day against hepatitis. The international day against hepatitis (World Hepatitis Day) is held on the initiative of the world Alliance against hepatitis World Hepatitis Alliance, WHA) is a non ‑ profit Association registered in December 2007 in Geneva (Switzerland). The Alliance brings together.

The Ministry of defence start a large-scale fight against hepatitis C. 28 July in Ukraine launched the first large-scale campaign of testing for viral hepatitis among military personnel and representatives of other law enforcement agencies that participate in the antiterrorist operation. About this during the briefing said.

The state will allocate funds for the purchase of drugs to combat hepatitis b and C. For 2015 provides for the procurement of drugs against viral hepatitis b and C in the amount of 121 558,8 thousand hryvnias. About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, the correspondent of UNN. This amount is spelled out in the Ordinance About.

Inna TALK: a Person may suffer from hepatitis and not know it. With infectionist we're talking about viral hepatitis, we explain why hepatitis C is called gentle killer and what causes this disease. July 28 - world day against hepatitis. Our guest acting chief physician of the budgetary healthcare institution clinical Infectious.

Hepatitis C: the elusive killer defeated, left to save the liver. July 28 marks world day against hepatitis. New data scientists: what is really dangerous is this virus is why we are all at risk and how to protect yourself and loved ones. To important questions about hepatitis C responds MD, Professor of Department of hospital therapy.

Every fifth soldier that returned from the ATO in Ternopil — the carrier of the virus of hepatitis C. world day against hepatitis Tuesday, July 28, will be held in Voronezh educational campaign. At the end of spring 2014, the delegates of the global health Assembly, representing the leadership of 194 countries, adopted a resolution aimed at strengthening.

Voronezh residents will tell you how not to catch HIV and hepatitis. The world day against hepatitis Tuesday, July 28, will be held in Voronezh educational campaign. It will take place in the city centre under the slogan Warn hepatitis. Proceed without delay. Thus, experts of the regional centre of prophylaxis and fight against AIDS.

Ukraine threatens a resurgence of the epidemic of hepatitis. Annually in the world from viral hepatitis and its consequences to the death of about 1.5 million people. In the coming years, the impact of hepatitis for Ukraine can become more destructive than HIV infection. Ukraine is in first place among European countries according to the rate.

Today, July 28, is world day against viral. Viral hepatitis is an infectious liver disease viruses A, B, C, D, E. These viruses destroy the cells of the liver, increase the risk of developing cancer. The most discussed one is the virus of hepatitis B. It is very contagious and malignant. All over the world.

World day against hepatitis C – July 28, 2015. Prevent hepatitis. It all depends on you. This year the campaign world day against hepatitis devoted to the prevention of disease. Every day thousands of people become infected with hepatitis, whereas viral hepatitis can be avoided through prevention. It is absolutely not enough effort.

Amercana suffer from the hepatitis And 40 times smaller. So, in 2003, there were 1082 case, in 2014-m - 25. Viral hepatitis b become sick less often 60 times (in 2004 there were 139 cases, in 2014-m - 2), hepatitis C - 7 times less (in 2003 - 73 cases in 2014-m - 10). The reduction was achieved through the organization and conduct.