30 June 2015 11:21 Not only Protons fall. Elon Musk suffered the first major fiasco — the Falcon 9 rocket, which was to deliver the truck Dragon to the ISS, exploded three minutes after the start. Despite a second consecutive failure in the delivery of food to the ISS, the flight plan to the station will not be revised. On 28 June

McCain: Accident Falcon does not negate the need for the renunciation of the Russian RD-180. The crash of the rocket Falcon-9 using American engines, should not prevent the abandonment of the Russian RD-180, said U.S. Senator John McCain. This incident in no way reduces the necessity to refuse from Russian rocket engines RD-180... I'm sure.

Rogozin about the words of McCain on space: in spite of his grandmother frostbitten ears. Previously U.S. Senator John McCain said that the accident of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 should not change the U.S. policy on the rejection of the use of Russian RD-180 engines. U.S. Senator John McCain. 2015. AP Photo/ Andrew Harnik. MOSCOW, 30 Jun — RIA Novosti.

McCain recalled the need for the renunciation of rocket engines from Russia. The crash of the Falcon 9 rocket should not affect the intention of the US to abandon the use of Russian RD-180 engines. REUTERS. This was stated by Republican Senator John McCain, reports with reference to Reuters. The incident should not in any way.

McCain will leave US without space. 11:00 / 30.06.2015 Dragon, Falcon 9, Macansantos John McCain, who heads the Committee on armed services, stated that the United States will in any case refuse to use in their space programs of the Russian RD-180 engines. Known for its anti-Russian.

McCain recalled the necessity to refuse from Russian rocket engines. Republican Senator John McCain believes that the crash of the Falcon 9 rocket should not affect the intention of the US to abandon the use of Russian RD-180 engines. As reported by Reuters, he said Monday, June 29. The incident in no way.

The Falcon 9 rocket three minutes before the explosion. Rocket, the Falcon 9 v1.1 with space SpaceX CRS-7 without people on Board was launched on June 28 at 17:21 Moscow time from the cosmodrome on Cape Canaveral. After 2 minutes, 19 seconds after the start, when the storage medium is moved in supersonic propulsion, the rocket exploded after another.

Truck Progress M-28M sent to the General Assembly at Baikonur. To Baikonur sent to the Assembly to run July 3 transport ship Progress M-28M, reports RIA Novosti news Agency the message of Roscosmos. It is noted that Progress will be displayed not on the Union 2.1 a, which start with the last space ship Progress M-27M.

McCain: US should abandon the RD-180 engine, despite the explosion of Falcon. June 30, 2015, 00:03 — REGNUM, the Republican Senator from Arizona John McCain believes we must abandon the Russian rocket engines RD-180, even despite the collapse of the American carrier rocket Falcon 9. On Monday, June 29, Reuters reports.

NASA and Microsoft are planning to use Microsoft HoloLens goggles on the ISS. If not for Sunday's accident with the launch vehicle, SpaceX Falcon 9, International space station (ISS) would be delivered the cargo, which included a pair of virtual reality glasses Microsoft HoloLens. Their intended use within the project, NASA and Microsoft under.

McCain called for the abandonment of Russian rocket engines, despite the crash of the Falcon 9. The head of Committee of the U.S. Senate armed services Committee, Republican Senator John McCain reiterated his call to abandon the use of Russian rocket engines RD-180, despite the recent crash of the Falcon 9 rocket American company SpaceX. This accident in any way.

Dreaming of space. Engineering education and life experience tell me that any technical problem almost always lies not in the most difficult place and in that place, which do not think. Complicated place attracts attention, work with them carefully plan.

McCain: it is Better to fly into space on a trampoline than on the RD-180. U.S. Republican Senator John McCain insists on the rejection of Russian rocket engines, despite the crash of the Falcon 9 rocket. According to Reuters, the Falcon 9 rocket company SpaceX was wrecked on June 28. According to McCain, the US urgently.

McCain: Accident Falcon 9 will not affect the refusal of the Russian engines. The crash of the Falcon 9 rocket should not affect the intention of the US to abandon the use of Russian RD-180 engines, I'm sure the Republican John McCain, who plays in the Senate a key role weapons and technology. McCain: Accident Falcon 9 will not affect the waiver.

Rogozin has linked the collapse of the Falcon with the sanctions. 15:54 / on 29.06.2015 Falcon 9, explosion, space, Crash, ISS, Rogozin, Singlepole the collapse of the American rocket, the Falcon 9 with the Dragon capsule on Board the only means of cargo delivery to the International space station remains the Russian Union.

The unsuccessful launch of the Falcon 9 can prevent SpaceX plans. The company SpaceX, owned by the pioneer private space Ilona Mask, suffered a serious loss: the Sunday launch of its unmanned Falcon 9 vehicle from Cape Canaveral ended in disaster. At the start of all nine engines of the lower stage of the Falcon 9 earned.

The United States will renounce the Russian RD-180 engines. This was stated on Monday, the U.S. Republican Senator John McCain, who is considered hardly probable not the main opponent of installing the RD-180 on Atlas media V, reports TASS. The solution of this issue depends on the position of McCain heads.

The reserves will help the ISS crew to wait for the arrival of the truck Progress. On the International space station have enough food, oxygen and water to wait for the next truck Progress M-28M, which is expected to fly to the ISS on 5 July. About this informed the head of the flight of the Russian segment of the ISS Vladimir Solovyov.

Roscosmos is ready to send part of the American cargo to the ISS on Progress. After the crash of the American space truck Dragon Roscosmos proposed NASA to send some American cargo to the ISS on the Russian Progress July 3, reported in the Russian space Agency. If the Americans will have something to deliver, we certainly.

Rogozin suggested that the States might think about lifting the sanctions against the Russian space Agency. Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin has invited US to rethink imposed against Roscosmos sanctions in connection with the failed launch of the Dragon cargo vehicle. About this he wrote on his Twitter page. It's time to colleagues in the US to think about the logic of them.

Space Elon musk: what is known about the father of the Falcon 9. American Falcon 9 rocket, which burned down during start-up to the ISS on Sunday, is the brainchild of the Corporation SpaceX is a private contractor of the space Agency of the USA. This company was founded and is headed by Elon musk is a charismatic inventor I.